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Cider officer

Do you like all things fruity? Are you passionate about all things apple and pears? We are in urgent need of a cider officer

Social Secretary

There’s a lot of pubs in the Bradford area and would like to visit them all. Are you good or organising? Get in touch

Awards Co-ordinator

We present Pub of the Season quarterly as well as our yearly awards for Pub of the year, Cider Pub of the year & Club of the year

… and much more

There’s always a role for anyone who wants one. Just get in touch and we will find something you would love to do

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering helps us all in the long run

  • Have you ever thought of becoming involved in the running of the CAMRA – Bradford Branch and assisting with the various activities that occur?
  • Have you ever thought the branch could be doing more or in different ways?
  • Have you ever despaired at the sight of yet another pub closing and wondered what you could do to try and prevent it happening to others?
  • Have you ever wanted to know the latest information on pubs and find out where you may be interested in visiting?

Then why not become involved and help steer the future of the Branch?

Any assistance, no matter how much or limited, is appreciated.

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Do you go to the pub?

We are in urgent need of pub surveyors

A lot of updates are now required due to the huge impact the pandemic had on pub operations. The principal way of providing this information is via CAMRA’s WhatPub app. This relies on branch volunteers undertaking pub surveys and updating the database behind it.

Why do this?

Pub surveying can be a joyous and fulfilling activity. It provides the opportunity to visit many pubs and speak with the publicans and staff there.

What do I need?

Access to a computer and the internet is necessary and training in how to update the pub survey database can be given.

But I don’t have a computer

For those that don’t have computer/internet access, you can still perform pub surveys and pass the results to one of the Pubs Database Co-ordinators. We are always in need of Pub Surveyors and Pub Database
Co-ordinators, especially in the outer parts of the branch area.

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