We love Bradford’s pubs, clubs & breweries

We are social

Once a week, we visit pubs in an area of Bradford. Anyone can come and join us, so why not pop in and say hello.... we don’t bite. Keep an eye one the site for dates and times.

We are cider lovers

Did you know that the Campaign for Real Ale also supports Real Cider? We have some great cider producers right here in Bradford and have an annual Cider Pub of the Year award.

We are campaigning

Pubs clubs and breweries are the backbone of a community. We hate to see them close down. If there’s a a place near you that is under threat, let us know and we will help

We are Looking for help

We’re always on the lookout for volunteers. Do you have a passion for pubs? Can you organise a p up in a brewery? Think you can destroy a website on a monthly basis? (Oh that’s my job)... get in touch.

We are Bradford CAMRA

We were founded nearly half a century ago.... that’s nearly 50 years, so we’ve been doing this a while.

Now when we were founded, is a complicated subject and has been argued to death on the Facebook group.

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Pubs fully open. Normality? starts in


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