Branch Comms – 2nd April 2021

by chyllyphylly

Hope this finds you all safe and well. It’s a long time since I had anything exciting to circulate but look at the calendar! It’s getting close to pub-going time again, and about time too.

You might be interested to see a list of pubs opening on the 12th which has been published to the Branch website (thanks Phyl). See link here …

David Boothroyd (another big thank you) has written to remind us that at first it’s outdoor catering only, of course, but it will not be long to when we can sit inside to enjoy the results of the brewer’s art.

Then, to complete the move to “normality”, Bradford CAMRA will be once again producing its branch magazine, “Tyke Taverner”. The last issue was badged March / April 2020, so it will have been at least a year on furlough.

When we get the go-ahead to have paper documents freely available in pubs and clubs, we shall try to do just that. But we need to get them into those places.

For many years, we’ve had a great team of volunteers delivering mags to lots of outlets within the Bradford branch area and beyond. Most of those volunteers will be happy to pick up where they left off. Well, it’s not a chore visiting pubs, is it?

However, some are giving upon this activity – for perfectly sensible reasons – and that’s the main reason for this message. Thanks to all those who have done the job so conscientiously. The Bradford Branch needs some new volunteers though – please consider this seriously and let the Secretary know the area(s) you would be prepared to cover.

Also – they will be contacted anyway as a matter of course, but perhaps those who are our delivery volunteers already might wish to signal their intention to continue in that role. Thanks.

On top of that, we are losing our Distribution Manager, Tony Constable. He is moving out of the area, and so will not be able to do the job of distributing the bulk of the print run to various pick-up points. Tony is to be thanked for his work over many years. He and Angela will be very much missed.

Now this is a position which requires some commitment – and perhaps a bit of storage space – but a volunteer for this role will be treated as a saviour.

Now that’s a proper Easter message!

Please contact the Branch Secretary to become involved further. Many thanks for your attention -and David sends his thanks to you all for reading this far. ????

P.S. In the e-newsletter at the start of the year, we indicated an intention to hold our next AGM in May. Given the subsequent release of the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap this is looking somewhat unrealistic. July seems rather more likely (and practical) and we still have to identify a suitable venue. We will of course be in touch again when we have made more firm plans.

Take care one and all and let’s hope it won’t be too long before we can visit pubs and clubs indoors as well as out and share a few beers with friends without quite so many restrictions.


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